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The Inside Scoop: Wolf Trap

17 Aug
Courtesy of Wolf Trap

Courtesy of Wolf Trap

I’m sure you all remember Sports Editor Rachel who, in addition to reporting on the area’s sports news, regaled you with the tale of her speed dating experience. Yet another impressive area of Rachel’s expertise is the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, which is best known for the summertime events held at its outdoor theater called the Filene Center. Rachel was an illustrious parking attendant there for several summer breaks during college.

Though Rachel abandoned me to move to San Diego with her boyfriend (who she did not meet at speed dating), she agreed to share some Wolf Trap tips and tricks with us.

1. When is it worth shelling out the money for proper seats instead of lawn tickets?
The lawn is a great spot, but keep in mind that the sun will be bright for a large portion of the performance during the summer, when sunset is late in the evening. This can make it very challenging to get a good view of the stage inside the darkened pavilion from out on the lawn. So get a proper seat when you want to have a good view of the performers. This might be the case for a:

  • dance performance
  • play or musical
  • concert by a performer you really like, if you’re a front-row-seats type of guy/gal

For a concert by the NSO, a rock show or one of the annual sing-a-longs, stick to the lawn.

2. Say it’s raining and I’ve got lawn seats. Is it still worth going or should I stay home with my TiVo instead?
It depends on how much rain you’re getting, and how excited you were about the show. If it’s sprinkling on-and-off, I suggest going to the show and setting up your blanket. There are a few covered spots where you might be able to take shelter for a few minutes. Keep in mind that many people are likely to choose not to go to the show, so you’ll probably be able to get a great seat if you stick it out. On the other hand, if it’s a thunderstorm, and I were you, I’d probably skip it.

However, if there are empty seats inside the house, you’ll be able to “buy up” by paying the difference in price between your lawn seat and that inside seat.

3. If I have lawn seats and it’s nice weather, how early do you recommend I arrive to get a decent spot on the lawn?
The lawn opens 1.5 hours prior to the start of the show. If you must have a seat in the front row of the lawn, I recommend arriving around 2 hours before the show. This will give you time to park, unpack your car and line up. The ushers will often even scan tickets a few minutes ahead of opening the gate, so everyone can make a run for it.

4. Where’s the best place to park to avoid the long lines getting out?
The parking arrangements vary slightly depending on the expected crowds for that day’s performance. The most reliable option for a quick exit is parking in the west parking lot, right by its entrance. The west parking lot is the one across Trap Road from the Filene Center–see below.

Traffic from various exits is often all directed in one direction or the other, no choosing allowed. If you’re not familiar with this area of Virginia, I recommend having the GPS fired up in case you end up detoured.

(One additional note from me: Rachel never had to take the Dulles Toll Road to get to Wolf Trap because she lived close by, but my friend recently waited in a line of cars at the toll-booth for 45 minutes. Either take an alternate route down Leesburg Pike or factor in the waiting time.)

5. Is there a way to get discounted tickets?
Nothing came immediately, but a Google search for “wolf trap discount” did seem to have some good options. Everyone, please give that a try before you purchase!

6. Any other tips? Fun facts?
Some performances have a Pre-Performance Discussion, where an expert shares information about the upcoming show. Check out the 2014 schedule.

If you park in the lot I recommended, you can hitch a ride on a golf cart up the hill to the theater. My tip is actually to skip the golf cart: there’s typically a queue, and you’ll save time by walking. Plus, you know you’re going to have some wine with your picnic on the lawn—earn it with your exercise here.

On the other hand, if anyone in your group requires accessible parking or other assistance, this can be arranged by calling the park ahead of time.

In a typical theater, lights are dimmed in the lobby to indicate the show is about to start or resume. At Wolf Trap, a large farm dinner bell is rung.

The park was called Wolf Trap Farm Park until 2002. It was renamed because it had been a concert venue for quite some time and needed a more accurate name to avoid confusion.

If you have a National Parks Passport, don’t forget that Wolf Trap is a national park! Stop by the Ranger Station for your stamp.

Thanks Rach! Miss ya!

Wolf Trap map

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A quintessential DC summer

11 May

A view of the Potomac from Jack's Boathouse. © AgnosticPreachersKid on Creative Commons

Despite the god-awful humidity, I love summers in DC. Patio dining, bare feet in fountains, picnics – pure bliss. And every year there are several activities that I eagerly await. Here they are!

Jack’s Boathouse: Nothing says summer in DC like taking a kayak or canoe on the Potomac River. Jack’s, located in Georgetown, can get crazy busy, so it’s best to try to go on off-peak hours (aka early or late in the day). I took my dad last Father’s Day, and we had a grand ole time. What’s more, they didn’t charge us for the extra time we were out, which my dad, forever the penny pincher, was over the moon about. Be warned though, Jack’s has very limited parking, so you’ll have to do street or garage parking (or walk from Foggy Bottom Metro).

Outdoor movies: There’s no shortage of outdoor movie festivals in DC. Screen on the Green, which takes place on Monday nights on the Mall, is probably the most popular. A year or two ago, the festival almost lost its funding, but there was an uproar and it was saved (though I’m not sure 2011 has been 100 percent confirmed yet). I’m particularly fond of Rosslyn’s Outdoor Film Festival, which always has a theme—this year it’s “SNL in the Movies.” Please note you’re technically not allowed to bring alcohol and, if you’re caught, you’ll have to throw it out. DCist lists a few other festivals around the city.

Jazz in the Sculpture Garden: My most favorite! Every Friday night in the summer, The National Gallery of Art holds Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, a free event from 5 to 8:30. On a nice night, people come in droves. It’s best to come as early as possible if you want to get a good spot—you will literally not be able to see a blade of grass once the night gets going—it gets that crowded. You’re not allowed to bring alcohol to the event (though you’ll notice some people do on the down low) but you can buy pitchers of sangria, which I highly recommend. The draw of the event isn’t really the jazz at all, in fact, you can often hardly hear it. It’s just about being in DC, being with friends and being kinda drunk.

Wolf Trap: This performing arts center in Vienna is, interestingly, also a national park. The outdoor venue is gorgeous, and if you can’t afford a covered seat, lawn tickets are pretty inexpensive. I suggest arriving early and having dinner and wine at one of the picnic tables.