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SoberRide: Save this number

21 Dec

‘Tis the season of holiday parties and questionable decisions; one of which is drunk driving. But not to fear! The Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) offers free taxi rides home (up to $30) through its SoberRide program. Since 1993, WRAP has provided over 49,000 rides. Rides are available from 10pm to 6am now through January 1. So save this number in your cell phone: 1-800-200-8294.

Think you’ll be okay to drive because you’re only planning to have one or two drinks? Well, a 2005 Washington Post story made a lot waves and may make you think twice.

So now that you know how you’re getting home, check out City Stream and the Express for places to celebrate New Year’s. Have fun! Be safe.

The results are in

26 Oct

© Ksiom

Express (it’s the Washington Post’s paper that everyone reads on the metro; basically it’s Cliff Notes of the news) just published its Best of 2010 results. They surveyed readers to find out favorite restaurants, sports teams, gyms, underrated tourist attractions, vintage stores, hair salons, florists … you get the idea. While the results produced few surprises (the restaurant Zaytinya, for example, seems to always top every list of this kind), I think it’s a great resource for newbies to see what other residents are recommending.

Washington City Paper also produces a similar list, but the categories are different . For example, they’ve got best lost and found, best drag queen and best window display, to name a few.