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Shout Out: Brush N Blush

8 Aug

My friend Mike brushing and blushing.

Last week as part of a work “retreat” I went to Blush N Brush in Georgetown. I’d put it in the same category as pottery painting places, except in this instance you select a specific painting and the instructor goes through the steps to recreate the painting. We were a private class, and so we looked at the website ahead of time and picked out what we wanted to do, but if you go to one of their regularly scheduled classes, you can check out their calendar to see which painting is being taught. (Apparently landscapes are most popular, particularly those that look similar to famous paintings, which is good to note because classes do sell out.)

The “blush” part comes in because you are encouraged to drink wine while you paint. In fact, they give you a complimentary wine glass and soon will have wine at the store to purchase. The whole atmosphere is very relaxed, and you’re encouraged to change up the painting however you want (though I tried to copy it as closely as possible).

There are paintings that take 2 hours and others that take 3; we did a 2-hour painting and, I tell ya, the time FLEW by. In fact, I wasn’t able to totally complete my painting, but perhaps I was putting too much emphasis on “blush” and not enough on “brush.” (They do offer a Finishing Touches class the first Saturday of every month for slow pokes like me.) The price for a 2-hour class is $50 and for a 3-hour class it’s $60. You might notice on the calendar that many classes are sold out; I suspect that’s a result of a recent Groupon promotion.

Okay, so mine's not EXACTLY like the original, but I tried.

I personally think Blush N Brush would be the ideal first date—you’d have an activity to focus on that would make periodic silences less awkward, but you would also be able to talk and bond over the experience. It’d also be great to go with friends or even by yourself (which, according to the instructor, isn’t uncommon).

Blush N Brush is located at 3210 Grace Street, really close to the main drag on M Street,  in a building basement. It’s a decent walk from Foggy Bottom Metro or street parking shouldn’t be too bad depending on when you go and if you’re willing to walk a few blocks.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my painting. I was hoping I’d be proud enough of it to hang it up in my house, which I’m not, but I also like it too much to throw it away. Perhaps I’ll save it for Christmas and give it to an unsuspecting family member … we’ll see!

Anyone Who’s Anyone: Oscar Fever

10 Feb

Photo by Alan Light on Creative Commons.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy watching the Academy Awards. I mean, I know it’s a bunch of self-congratulatory, overpaid narcissists thanking a bunch of people I don’t know, but I still get excited enough to mark it on my Google calendar a month in advance.

No matter what your opinion is of these kinds of awards shows, it’s undeniable that it’s more fun to watch them when you’ve actually seen the movies that are nominated. On Saturday, February 26, the AMC theater in Georgetown is showing ALL TEN best picture nominees.  (Note: If you’re driving, parking in this area can be a headache, so allow yourself plenty of time. If you’re walking from Foggy Bottom Metro, it’ll take about 20 minutes).

Want to take it to the next level? Well, might I suggest watching the short film nominees? You have not one but TWO viewing options.

  • The week before the Awards, the National Archives will be showing the nominees for Live Action Short Film and Animated Short Film, as well as Documentary Feature and Documentary Short Subject for free. The downside of them showing the films for free is that you’ll have to arrive well in advance to secure a ticket.
  • E Street Cinema in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area, is also showing the nominees for Live Action Short Film and Animated Short Film this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You have to pay a normal ticket price, but the brightside is you don’t have to wait in line for an hour.

A couple years ago I saw the Animated Short Film nominees at E Street, and I actually guessed the winner. Even though I was watching the awards by myself and my roommate was only vaguely humoring me from the kitchen, I still felt pretty hoity toity about it.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the Oscars are Sunday, February 27. If you’ve recently moved from another U.S. time zone, you’ll be bummed when you realize the show goes on well past bedtime. That’s the price of living on the East Coast!