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Off the Tourist Track: Science Museum

8 Jul

In summer the area’s popular museums swell with people to the point where virtually all enjoyment is lost. You shuffle along, waiting to take a peek at an exhibit before being elbowed out of the way by tourists wearing matching tie-dye T-shirts. But you don’t have to forgo museums until February, you just need to look beyond the Smithsonian.

The Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, for instance, is perfect for a summer visit. Opened in 2004, the museum is at 525 E Street, NW, and it’s really, really small. But the exhibits, though a bit depressing (infectious disease and global warming are two topics explored) are really well done. And they have interactive components … my favorite!

I visited a couple Saturdays ago and I only saw five other visitors during the hour I was there. The highlight of the visit, for me, was learning about the future of energy-saving light bulbs from a docent. That may not sound very exciting but the volunteer had a well-planned display table and, because it wasn’t busy, he was able to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and me.

After our visit we went to an early dinner and then to a movie at E-Street Cinema. I must say, it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

The Science Museum is open 10 to 5 every day except Tuesdays (when it’s closed). Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students.

Friends You Haven’t Met: DC Film Society

18 Apr

Are you a film fanatic? Then might I suggest joining the DC Film Society. You have to pay to become a member, but then you receive invitations to movies before they are available to the general public. The group gets these opportunities by working with local ad agencies.

There’s no cost to go to the screening; the only catch is that you have to get to the theater pretty early—I’d say at least an hour in advance—to get a seat. It’s entirely possible that if you don’t get there early enough, you’d stand in line only to be turned away once the theater is full. (And getting to the theater right after work can be tough.) But just think of all the friends you can make while standing in line!

There are roughly 100 movie screenings offered each year, many of which are held at E Street Cinema downtown. Some of the screenings include Q&As with directors, actors and writers. As a member you’ll receive a monthly newsletter, which keeps you in the loop about all things film in DC. The DC Film Society also hosts an occasional film discussion group, called Cinema Lounge, at the Barnes and Noble near Metro Center. They discuss topics such as religion in movies, why bad movies get made and Oscar predictions. You don’t need to be a member to go to these meetings.

Anyone Who’s Anyone: Oscar Fever

10 Feb

Photo by Alan Light on Creative Commons.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy watching the Academy Awards. I mean, I know it’s a bunch of self-congratulatory, overpaid narcissists thanking a bunch of people I don’t know, but I still get excited enough to mark it on my Google calendar a month in advance.

No matter what your opinion is of these kinds of awards shows, it’s undeniable that it’s more fun to watch them when you’ve actually seen the movies that are nominated. On Saturday, February 26, the AMC theater in Georgetown is showing ALL TEN best picture nominees.  (Note: If you’re driving, parking in this area can be a headache, so allow yourself plenty of time. If you’re walking from Foggy Bottom Metro, it’ll take about 20 minutes).

Want to take it to the next level? Well, might I suggest watching the short film nominees? You have not one but TWO viewing options.

  • The week before the Awards, the National Archives will be showing the nominees for Live Action Short Film and Animated Short Film, as well as Documentary Feature and Documentary Short Subject for free. The downside of them showing the films for free is that you’ll have to arrive well in advance to secure a ticket.
  • E Street Cinema in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area, is also showing the nominees for Live Action Short Film and Animated Short Film this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You have to pay a normal ticket price, but the brightside is you don’t have to wait in line for an hour.

A couple years ago I saw the Animated Short Film nominees at E Street, and I actually guessed the winner. Even though I was watching the awards by myself and my roommate was only vaguely humoring me from the kitchen, I still felt pretty hoity toity about it.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the Oscars are Sunday, February 27. If you’ve recently moved from another U.S. time zone, you’ll be bummed when you realize the show goes on well past bedtime. That’s the price of living on the East Coast!

Shout Out: Nat Geo Museum

27 Dec

$7 not only gets you admission into the gecko exhibit but also this great mask!

A while back I wrote about great local museums that charge admission, and for some unknown reason I forgot to mention the National Geographic Museum. So I thought I’d give it its very own post, especially since I recently visited and had an oh-so-fabulous time.

To be honest, I really had no great desire to see the museum’s current gecko exhibit—which ends January 5—but my boyfriend is a big fan of lizards so I went to be nice. And what do you know, I had an excellent time! They have over 70 geckos housed in really well-done displays including an albino gecko, my personal favorite. What I really like about Nat Geo in general is that it’s pretty small—and therefore not overwhelming—and it’s also not too crowded. The gecko exhibit is, I guess, geared toward kids, but I really enjoyed it.

The other exhibit currently going on—Wild Music—was free so we wandered over there and spent a good half hour banging on instruments and what-not. Again, it was geared toward kids, but I can’t imagine any child having more fun than I did. The only negative was that when I was taking a melody quiz at one of the stations, it kept telling me that I was getting the answers wrong and that most infants know how to differentiate melodies. Um, are you trying to hurt my feelings?

The Wild Music exhibit ends January 2, so if you’re interested you’ll need to go soon. The museum is located at 17th and M in NW. It’s walkable from the Farragut North Metro station (Red Line) and Farragut West (Orange/Blue Lines). Street parking isn’t usually too difficult to find as long as you’re willing to walk a few blocks. Tip: The museum is free on Wednesdays (though it’s also more crowded).

The exhibit after geckos will open February 2. It’s a touring exhibition called America I AM: The African American Imprint.

After the museum my boyfriend and I grabbed lunch and headed over to E Street Cinema for a movie. I must say, it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon.