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Delmarva Beach Basics, Part II: Where to go

26 May

Rehoboth Beach

There are multiple beach towns in Delmarva, but which to choose?

Rehoboth Beach, DE
One of the best known resort towns, Rehoboth has it all: a nice boardwalk, shops and salons, a movie theater and probably the best (though pricey) restaurants. It’s also well-known for its large gay population. Parking near the beach can be a nightmare, so staying at a place within walking distance to the beach is ideal.

Hot Spot: The Tanger outlets! Delaware has no sales tax, ya know. There are four separate—though close together—outdoor outlet malls that people flock to, especially on rainy days.

Dewey Beach, DE
Dewey is right next to Rehoboth and known for being a party town. Lots of young people and lots of bars. It’s pretty astonishing to me that a town as small as Dewey—year round population is 300—could have enough drama to fill a TV show.

Hot Spot: All the bars in Dewey seem pretty popular, but Dogfish Head in particular is always hoppin’.

Bethany Beach, DE
About 15 minutes down Route 1 is the next beach town, Bethany, which is known as a quiet family resort. There’s a nice boardwalk that often has entertainment on the small outdoor stage. The beach can get intensely crowded, so you’ll probably want to set up shop early.

Hot Spot: The Fat Tuna Grill is technically in Millville, but that’s basically Bethany so I’m going to put it anyway. It’s a couple miles from the beach and popular with locals. If you’re lucky, you’ll visit on a karaoke night!

Fenwick Island, DE
Another 10 minutes down the coast and you’ll arrive at Fenwick Island, with about 380 year-round residents. I really like Fenwick’s beaches because they’re less crowded but be warned, you have to pay to park at some of them. Interestingly, Fenwick isn’t an island but a narrow peninsula.

Hot Spot: Warren Station is a great family restaurant.

Ocean City, MD
Next to laid-back Fenwick is the intense, high-rise ridden Ocean City. And, I swear, it must be the mini-golf capital of the world (actually, I just Googled mini-golf capital of the world and it’s Myrtle Beach). The boardwalk is huge, has roller coasters and water rides and attracts all types of people. There’s also a (kind of crappy) movie theater in case of a rainy day.

Hot Spot: Day or night, the answer is undoubtedly Seacrets.

Delmarva Beach Basics, Part I: To and From

20 May

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Leading up to Memorial Day, I’ve decided to do a few posts about visiting Delmarva beaches. My parents live there, and I lived there for a year after college, so I think I have some good advice on the matter. First up: Getting there.

There is exactly one way to get to all beaches: The Bay Bridge. This can pose some problems when you and every other DC area resident is driving across the bridge simultaneously. The traffic, particularly on three-day weekends in the summer, can be terrible/awful/horrendous/sob-inducing. For that reason, it’s important to plan ahead. Leave as early as possible if you can. Or really, really late. And I urge you to have an E-Z Pass.

Luckily, the toll is only charged crossing the bridge going east, and it’s $2.50. You might want to consider subscribing to the Email Alerts, and I recommend always calling Bay Span right before you drive to or from the beach (877-BAYSPAN) though I have been sitting in traffic on the bridge when BaySpan said there was no delay, so it’s not perfect.

If you don’t have a car, you’re in luck because the DC2NY bus has JUST started a route from Dupont and Union Station to Rehoboth and Dewey. There used to be the RehoBus that went from DC to Rehoboth, but it didn’t run often and it doesn’t seem to be operation anymore. So this new bus route is great news!