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Rally to Restore Sanity: I can’t wait!

29 Oct

Everything's set up for tomorrow!

I am super excited about tomorrow’s rally. At first, I wasn’t going to blog about it because I couldn’t figure out a way to connect it to the New to DC theme. BUT walking on the Mall today, I was inspired. I realized how special it is to live in DC and be able to be a part of events like this so easily. The inauguration is probably the best example–that was one of my favorite days since I’ve lived here. There were soooo many people, but everyone was kind and patient and there was a really positive energy in the air.

There are so many rallies/protests/marches going on all the time that there’s something for everyone. It can be tempting, I think, to skip these kinds of events when you know how much of a pain it is going to be–craziness on the Metro, hoards of people, lines at port-o-potties, etc. It’s so great though, to be able to participate in these events that I think we should go despite the inevitable headaches.

I’m planning on leaving between 8 and 9 tomorrow because–if all the people I saw on the Mall today are any indication–it’s going to be cr-a-zy. Tip: In addition to water and snacks, be sure to bring TP (just in case) and hand sanitizer. And DON’T forget your SmarTrip card–the lines at the machines are going to be ridic. See you there!