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Friends You Haven’t Met: Take a class

20 Nov

DC is filled with overachievers and since you’ve moved here, chances are you’re one of them. So a great way to both meet new people and learn something new is by taking a non-credit class.

First Class, Inc.: I highly recommend First Class, Inc., which offers one-time classes in everything from soap-making to selling stuff on eBay to becoming a DC tour guide. Classes are reasonably priced and usually take place in a building right off of Dupont Circle. Sometimes you’ll find discounted prices for classes on Goldstar.com.  First Class also offers some online, 6-week classes too, but that would defeat the purpose of getting out and meeting people.

USDA Graduate School: Why the USDA offers classes in things like Conversational Turkish and Screenwriting is beyond me, but they do and I think they’re pretty popular. The number of weeks a class meets depends on the specific course, but it’s usually one to two months. Unfortunately, I’ve never taken any classes with the Graduate School because they’re expensive: between $300 and $600 give or take.

Glen Echo Park: This one-time amusement park is an awesome location, though for many people it might not be terribly convenient. They offer art and dance classes (west coast swing, anyone?) that vary in price and length.

Continuing Education: Another option is taking a class through your county’s Adult and Continuing Education program. I’ve had varying results with classes I’ve taken through Fairfax County—the teachers aren’t always very good. But there are some great options and I’d suggest giving it a try. Both one-time classes and more formal courses are offered.

Of course, the list goes on and on. You could take a hip hop class at Joy of Motion, a knitting class at Stitch DC, a fiction writing class at The Writer’s Center or a photography class at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. The point is to get our of your comfort zone (and out of your house), try something new and meet new people.