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Seven Helpful DC Apps

17 Sep

© Eli Duke on Creative Commons

Zipcar: The Zipcar app is super handy for those who use the service. Find and reserve available cars, update your reservation and honk the horn to find your car in a crowded parking lot.

Food Truck Tracker: Is your day incomplete until you eat food from a truck? Then this is the app for you. Find food near your current locale.

Happy Hours: So many happy hours, so little time. Get help with this handy app to find places to go and what they’re offering.

DC Metro Map: A great way to find out where you’re going without looking like a touron with the paper version of the map.

NextTrain DC Metro: This popular app tells you when the next train is coming, particularly helpful during non-rush hour times.

NPS National Mall: Use this app from the National Park Service to navigate the Mall while you get the lay of the land.

Spotcycle: Nothing’s worse than going to return your Capital Bikeshare bike only to find that the docking station is completely full. With this app, you can avoid that annoyance by checking space ahead of time.

Where We Rank

3 Jan

The new Capital Bikeshare program is changing the way we move around the city. © Mariordo Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz on Creative Commons

When a Top 10 U.S. cities list is published—whether it’s about something good or bad—DC is almost always on it. So I thought I’d round up some recent lists the DC area has made:

Most bed bugs: DC #9
The good news is we’re not number one! (NYC claimed that honor.) The bad news is that we made the list at all. (Might make you think twice about buying that used bed on craigslist, no?)

Size of bike sharing program: DC #1
Woohoo! We won! Thanks to the recently launched Capital Bikeshare, DC has over 1,000 bikes and over 100 docking stations.

Where super rich people live: DC #1, Maryland #4, Virginia #7
This explains why I have two roommates yet half my income goes to rent.

Smartest: DC #1
Damn straight.

Least attractive residents: DC#6
Um, squeeze me? Whoever did this survey must just be jealous of our smarts.

Best tap water: Fairfax #8
If you don’t live in Fairfax you should probably get a Brita. For real.

Best restaurants: DC #8
I understand finishing behind New York and New Orleans, but Houston?

Happiest: DC area #8
And people don’t think DCers can let their hair down and have fun.

Most dog friendly: Northern Virginia #4
I guess this makes sense. I mean, you can’t throw a dead cat without hitting a dog park in Arlington.

Gayest: DC area #15
I’m really surprised we didn’t rank higher. Fun Fact: Springfield, Massachusetts is considered the “lesbian capital of the Easter Seaboard.” Who knew?

Most literate: DC #2
This is great news for a blogger like myself.

Fittest: DC #1
I bet a lot of other cities were surprised we won but they need to remember: We are overachievers.

Capital Bikeshare

18 Oct

In 2008, Clear Channel brought a public bike share program to DC: SmartBike. It was a cool idea, but it didn’t take long to realize that the program itself pretty much sucked. First off, there weren’t many bikes or bike stations. Second, they had no plans of expanding. Third, the bikes started looking pretty sad and tired looking. And last but not least, you had to pay for a yearly membership (thus excluding tourists and the occasional rider).

But hope has arrived! This past September, DC launched Capital Bikeshare. With 1,100 bikes and 100 docking stations throughout the city and Northern Virginia, it’s the largest bike share program in the U.S. And you can pay for a day, a month or a year. In the past month and a half, I’ve already seen more people using the new bikes than I ever saw using the SmartBikes.

Keep in mind, you have to bring your own helmet. And the two bike share programs aren’t combined, so don’t think you can rent a bike from one program and return it to a docking station for the other. I’m not sure what the city plans on doing with the old program, but I suspect it will completely disappear soon.

Below is a promo video that explains how to get a bike. Happy peddling!