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The resource you knew you needed but didn’t know actually existed (and for a great price!)

New to DC and overwhelmed by the Metro, driving, choosing a neighborhood or what to do for fun? Well, have I got good news for you! My “So You’re New to DC” e-book will answer these questions and, of course, more.

The e-book is targeted toward people in their twenties and thirties (since that’s the age range that I’ve lived in DC). That’s not to say that people outside of that age range wouldn’t get anything out of the e-book, but I want to be clear that it doesn’t include advice on topics like buying a house (I focus on renting), school districts, etc. I also decided not to include topics that could be easily found elsewhere, like the region’s restaurants. I wanted to focus on things that either wouldn’t be easy to find info on or that you wouldn’t even know you should Google.

Table of Contents

3: Lay of the Land — Basics of DC’s layout

4. Deciding Where to Live — These are the pros and cons to living in DC vs. MD. vs VA

6: Neighborhood Guide — Important considerations and personal opinions from a dozen of my friends and colleagues about neighborhoods in DC, MD and VA

12: Seasons — Best annual events and activities each season

15: Getting Around — Driving, slugging, metroing, biking, Ubering, Marc training, flying … this is what you need to know

21: Meet People — 27 ways to meet people in DC, including lots of links

24: DC To Do’s — A checklist of things to do in your first, second and third year living here

27: Helpful Resources — Links to local publications, blogs and websites