Delmarva Beach Basics, Part I: To and From

20 May

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Leading up to Memorial Day, I’ve decided to do a few posts about visiting Delmarva beaches. My parents live there, and I lived there for a year after college, so I think I have some good advice on the matter. First up: Getting there.

There is exactly one way to get to all beaches: The Bay Bridge. This can pose some problems when you and every other DC area resident is driving across the bridge simultaneously. The traffic, particularly on three-day weekends in the summer, can be terrible/awful/horrendous/sob-inducing. For that reason, it’s important to plan ahead. Leave as early as possible if you can. Or really, really late. And I urge you to have an E-Z Pass.

Luckily, the toll is only charged crossing the bridge going east, and it’s $2.50. You might want to consider subscribing to the Email Alerts, and I recommend always calling Bay Span right before you drive to or from the beach (877-BAYSPAN) though I have been sitting in traffic on the bridge when BaySpan said there was no delay, so it’s not perfect.

If you don’t have a car, you’re in luck because the DC2NY bus has JUST started a route from Dupont and Union Station to Rehoboth and Dewey. There used to be the RehoBus that went from DC to Rehoboth, but it didn’t run often and it doesn’t seem to be operation anymore. So this new bus route is great news!

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