Quick Stats: DC area universities

26 Jan

Georgetown University

Since a lot of people you’ll meet in D.C. went/are going to school in the area, I thought I’d compile some fast stats about some local universities.

American University
Type: Private Methodist
Students: About 10,000
Mascot: Eagle
Campus: The main campus is in NW on Massachusetts Avenue.
Know for: Strong programs for international relations and political science. NPR station WAMU broadcasts from American’s campus.
Athletics: Decent men’s basketball team.
Fun Fact: 144 countries are represented in the student body. (For comparison’s sake, GW has students from about 130 countries and is almost three times larger.)

Catholic University
Type: Private Catholic
Students: About 6,700
Mascot: Cardinal
Campus: Three miles north of the Capitol in NE.
Known for: Um … er … being Catholic?
Athletics: Not known for anything really. They do have an ultimate Frisbee team though.
Fun Fact: The university is under censure by the American Associate of University Professors for firing a professor for his views on birth control.

George Mason
Type: Public
Students: About 30,000
Mascot: Patriots (changed from the “Gunston” in 2008)
Campus: Fairfax, VA
Known for: A commuter school (an image the university is trying to change). In my opinion, this university is often overlooked among the other DC area schools.
Athletics: Pretty good men’s basketball team.
Fun Fact: Named for a lesser-known founding father from Virginia.

George Washington (aka GW)
Type: Private
Students: About 25,000 (aka the largest in the district)
Mascot: George, the Colonial
Campus: Main campus is in Foggy Bottom
Known for: If you take an informal poll of people in DC, as I did, of what they think of when they hear “GW”, the answer will be—with surprising consistency—“snotty rich kids.” It’s one of the most expensive universities in the country, so I guess it makes sense. But I do know many down-to-earth GW alums!
Athletics: Decent basketball team. No football team. Wonderful athletic center.
Fun Fact: Jackie Kennedy graduated from GW.

Type: Private Jesuit
Students: About 15,000
Mascot: Jack the Bulldog (students are called Hoyas)
Campus: In Georgetown
Know for: Expensive and hard to get into (about 19 percent acceptance rate for undergrads). It’s almost as expensive as GW, and it’s harder to get into. Has strong international affairs program.
Athletics: Traditionally good at basketball. Pretty good at rowing and lacrosse.
Fun Facts: Oldest Catholic university in the U.S. Bill Clinton is an alumn.

Type: Private
Students: About 10,500
Mascot: Bison
Campus: Northwest DC
Know for: A Historically Black University. Homecoming is a huge event.
Athletics: Not known for any sports in particular. Decent at basketball.
Fun Facts: Established shortly after the Civil War and named after war hero General Oliver O. Howard. Zora Neale Hurston started the university’s daily newspaper, The Hilltop.

University of Maryland, College Park
Type: Public
Students: About 38,000
Mascot: Terrapins (aka Terps)
Campus: College Park
Known for: Athletics and, unfortunately, for student riots related to athletic events.
Athletics: Good at basketball but their coach won’t recruit players that won’t stay all four years. Occasionally have a good football team. Pretty good at lacrosse.
Fun Facts: Jim Henson and Larry David are two notable alumni. Featured in the film St. Elmo’s Fire.

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Honorable Mentions
While not DC area universities, many students move to the region from these schools after graduating, so I think they’re worth including.

University of Virginia
Type: Public
Students: About 20,000
Mascot: Cavalier
Campus: Charlottesville, VA
Known for: An excellent and competitive public university. About 90 percent of those admitted finished in the top 10 percent of their high school class.
Athletics: Good at lacrosse, rowing, baseball and soccer. Some soccer players have gone pro.
Fun Fact: Founded by Thomas Jefferson, UVA is the only U.S. university to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Virginia Tech
Type: Public
Students: About 31,000
Mascot: HokieBird (students are known as Hokies)
Campus: Blacksburg (in the middle of nowhere)
Known for: Agriculture and engineering. The tragic 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.
Athletics: Good football team.
Fun Facts: VT created the world’s third fastest supercomputer in 2003. Maintains a corps of cadets.

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  1. Sabrina July 11, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    You forgot Gallaudet University!

  2. Kayla February 16, 2014 at 8:45 pm #

    I’m new here to DC and found this page well. However, I’m a student here at Gallaudet University! Like Sabrina mentioned, you forgot about Gallaudet!! Help us grow awareness! 🙂

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