Friends You Haven’t Met: Ultimate Frisbee

14 Dec

© Patrick Everson

Ultimate Frisbee: Not just for college campuses anymore. The sport is popular among DCers and therefore a super-fantastic way to meet people in the area. My boyfriend has met most of his current friends through Frisbee, and a lot of his teammates have met their significant others through Frisbee as well (teams are co-ed). Don’t worry if you’ve never played before, there are teams for all levels of skill and competitiveness.

The main meetup is a pickup game Saturdays at 1pm on the Mall by the American Indian Museum. You can RSVP at but most people just show up. This is a great way to get started; you can meet other people who might need more players on their competitive teams, which will have practices and competitions on other local fields. If you go to the Saturday pickup game, you’ll want to bring light and dark shirts, so you can switch sides and even teams out as needed. If you don’t know the rules, just take some time to watch what’s going on and then get out there and try your best. The other players are very friendly and approachable, so don’t feel intimidated to show up by yourself.

Of course the sport is more popular during nicer weather, but die-hards play all year long. The spirit of the game is very important; meetup groups don’t keep score and there aren’t any referees during tournaments—honesty is the name of the game. To find out more information, I suggest checking out the Washington Area Frisbee Club (WAFC – pronounced waf-C).

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