What the gripe: DC traffic

9 Nov

If you ask someone in DC how far someplace is, they’re not going to give you mileage, they’re going to give you two times: one with traffic and one without. And if you’re driving somewhere, you should generally give yourself an extra half an hour to get there, particularly if you need to park. Even if it’s a Sunday afternoon or 2 am in the morning, give yourself half an hour. And that still might not be enough.

DC always ranks in the top four cities with the worst traffic. It seems like there’s always something causing gridlock: rush hour, construction, an accident, vacation traffic, weather, etc. And don’t get a DC area resident started on local drivers. They love to talk about how bad they are. (“Why can’t these people drive in the rain? It’s just rain!”) And you’ll hear complaints that either Maryland or Virginia drivers are the worst (The Express asked this question in a poll; Maryland won the honor).  What personally irks me the most is when I hear tourists complaining. (“I could never live like this!”)

With an ever-increasing population, DC’s traffic woes aren’t going to end anytime soon, so I suggest getting some books on tape.

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  1. Solomon November 12, 2010 at 1:01 am #

    Hot topic 🙂

    But, when will…. this cutting, chopping, scrapping, digging,ironplating, and finally patching it but not leveled…. be over? I have lived here for two years…they were doing then and now…:)


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