5 questions to get answered before signing a lease

27 Sep

1. How far is the Metro? If you don’t drive to work, this question is critical. Don’t take the leasing agent’s word for it–what she might consider a “short walk” might actually be a mile. If a Metro stop isn’t close by, then see if you can commute conveniently by bus, but be aware that buses in DC aren’t known for their reliability.

2. Is there a 24-hour concierge? If not, you’ll need to get packages delivered to your work because it’s quite possible that they could get stolen from outside your door. I also feel much safer knowing that there’s someone monitoring the building 24/7.

3. What’s the parking like? Even if you get your own parking space, what about guest parking? Many apartment buildings have very limited guest parking.

4. Are there bed bugs? It’s an unpleasant topic, but DC is currently ranked 9th in the country for bed bugs. Ask the landlord but also look at apartment reviews to see if anyone in the building has complained about them.

5. What’s the laundry situation? If you don’t have a washer/driver in the apartment, make sure to look at the laundry room to see how many machines there are for the building. The last thing you want is laundry wars with neighbors.

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