The places less traveled

19 Sep


There are over 100 rooms at O Mansion.


Now that you call DC home, you will have no shortage of family and friends coming to visit. (Interestingly, I had no one visit me during the year I lived in Delaware.) You are going to go to the Natural History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the National Archives and the Lincoln Monument more times than you can count. So when you have time to explore the city on your own, I suggest going to less popular–but just as interesting–museums and landmarks. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

The National Postal Museum. The first time I went here I did so because I thought it was funny and random. But it’s actually a really great museum! It’s under the Smithsonian umbrella and it opened pretty recently–1993–right next to Union Station. You’ll have it almost exclusively to yourself, and there’s lots of  interactive exhibits.

O Mansion
. Located in Dupont Circle, this place is hard to describe. It’s basically four brick stone houses that are connected through secret doorways and passages, and there are knick-knacks everywhere. You can go to the mansion for tea, brunch, lunch or dinner and then explore the houses (finding secret doors through mirrors and secret rooms in kitchens). It’s also a hotel, so you can stay in one of the rooms, and they have a party space for events like weddings and corporate events. Basically, seeing is believing and you just need to go.

US National Arboretum. I lived in the DC area for three years before I heard about the National Arboretum, which is amazing considering it’s 412 acres in northeast. I think the ideal way to explore the grounds is by bike, but on foot and by car work too. It’s a really peaceful place to relax without having to leave the District.

Glen Echo Park. The first time I went to this Maryland landmark was just a few months ago for a wedding. The website describes it as a “magical place” and, I must admit, it kind of is. It was an amusement park from the early 1900s until 1968. Now its owned by the National Park Service. The feel of the old-timey amusement park is very well maintained, and the carousel is still operational. You can take all kinds of classes at the park, go dancing or just visit and have a picnic and walk around.

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