Anyone Who’s Anyone: Embassy Tour

5 May

© Josh Carolina via Creative Commons

One of my favorite spring events is just around the corner, the Around the World Embassy Tour. It’s so uniquely DC! Embassies located throughout the city open their doors to the public for food tastings, dance presentations, art exhibits, crafts, etc. This will be the fourth year of the event, which will be held on May 14th from 10am to 4pm (though if I remember correctly from last year, the times can vary slightly depending on the embassy). And did I mention the whole thing is free? Hooray!

There is no realistic way to visit all the embassies—they’re pretty spread out and you’ll have to wait in fairly long lines to get into some—so it’s important to do a bit of planning beforehand to decide where you want to go (this link is helpful). There are two main clusters of embassies—the first around Dupont Circle and the other at Connecticut and International. The embassies around Dupont Circle are the most crowded. There’s a free shuttle to help you get around to different parts of the city as well as information tents.

The event is really popular and really crowded, so make sure to bring some patience. And hope for nice weather, since you’ll spend so much time walking from embassy to embassy and standing in line. I definitely don’t recommend driving—parking will be really difficult. Here are some other helpful hints.

Note: EU embassies are doing their own event this Saturday, May 7, from 10-4.

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