16 Sep

I had a very traumatic experience on the toll road I-66 (not to be confused with the famous Route 66). Did you know that there are roads that are carpool only at certain times of day? No, I didn’t say carpool lanes, I said entire roads. Well, it’s not a horrifying myth, it’s a reality. While there are signs, if you don’t know what to look for they’re easy to miss.

So there I am, an intern at a non-profit, driving to work for the first time. I usually took the metro but that particular day I was driving a sea turtle expert visiting from India from my office to a private middle school in the city (you know, the usual) so that she could give a presentation on conservation. So I innocently follow the directions on my GPS and … what’s this? A cop is pulling me over as I am attempting to pull onto the road! So yeah, cost me $85 and I was none too happy. Actually, my dad ended up paying the fine because I was resolved to fight it and he didn’t want me to. But still, it was annoying.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. You can’t use 66 during morning rush hour if you’re heading into the city, and you can’t use it during evening rush hour going out of the city. Unless you find a friend, or sea turtle expert, and then you can drive on it at your leisure.

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